Playstation Games Get Face Time

Playstation Games Get Face Time

Imagine playing games like Madden NFL, FIFA 10, Grand Theft Auto and Rock Band on your Playstation 3 and incorporating customisations from your Facebook social network data.

What would this look like?

  • Personalised team-players that look like your friends in Madden NFL and FIFA 10
  • Billboards and logos in Grand Theft Auto that reflect the things you have indicated as your “Likes.”
  • Add your personal playlist for Rockband

According to Eric Lempel, Vice President of Sony Computer Entertainment:

The biggest game developers are interested in developing with the Facebook integration in mind. The first such games will be out for the Holiday gift-buying season.

200 million people already play Facebook games, but that market does not bring in close to the potential that PS3 games bring in, which is about $20 billion a year. So if the new PS3 integration gets off the ground, it will be a very lucrative opportunity for Facebook.

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