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Orion Expedition Cruises

With a professionally managed PPC campaign, we helped Orion Expedition Cruises produce a 367% increase in conversions in just 12 months!


Orion Expedition Cruises Logo


The Goals

  • Increase online enquiries
  • Increase brochure requests


The Solutions

  • PPC Management
  • Keyword research
  • Campaign analysis
  • Bids strategy
  • Ad testing
  • Web traffic optimisation


The Results

  • 136% increase in traffic
  • 367% increase in conversions
  • Reduced cost per conversion from $168.44 to $45.41


About Orion Expedition Cruises

Orion Expedition Cruises is an Australian based luxury cruise line that was founded in 2004. The cruise line offers scenic tours on board the MV Orion across Australasia and Antarctic Waters. The vessel now operates as the National Geographic Orion under Lindblad Expeditions.

Orion Expedition Cruises’ Situation

When Orion Expedition Cruises partnered with E-Web Marketing the primary goal of Matt Vince, Marketing Communications Executive, was to generate enquiries, brochure requests, and traffic through orionexpeditions.com.au.

Our Solution

During the 12 months from May 2009 to May 2010, we implemented a full PPC campaign using Orion’s existing budget to generate improvements in terms of quantity of qualified traffic directed to the website, as well as the amount of conversions generated. Included in the campaign:

  • Continual campaign optimisation
  • Keyword research
  • Campaign analysis
  • Bids strategy
  • Ad testing
  • Web traffic optimisation


With web traffic optimisation, E-Web Marketing was also able to determine the level of interaction between paid visitors and the website in terms of time spent on site, bounce rate and number of pages viewed. This data allows us to generate insightful information regarding the value perceived from users when landing on the website.

The Results

In the first month of their PPC campaign, orionexpeditions.com.au generated 757 clicks and six conversions. By their 12th month, with continual optimisation, Orion Expedition Cruises were generating 1028 clicks and 22 conversions – an increase of 367%. In addition, the cost per conversion fell from $168.44 to $45.41 for the month of May 2010. This was achieved without any increase to Orion’s existing budget.

“At first we were apprehensive to market Orion Expedition Cruises online as we have a niche product in expedition cruising. E-Web have created a targeted campaign to help us maximise our conversions without increasing our budget. Traffic to our website also increased immediately!”

– Matt Vince, Marketing Communications Executive, Orion Expedition Cruises