Putting Your Best "Online Face" Forward

Putting Your Best "Online Face" Forward

Raise your hand if you’re guilty of Googling the name of someone you just met? Whether you admit it or not, I’m sure you have!

This brings me to my next question – what does your online profile say about you? With the popularity of social media websites, there arent many of us out there without an online profile on at least one of the various websites such as Facebook, MySpace or Twitter.

The great aspect of having an online profile is of course the sense of community this brings. Re-connecting with old friends, finding new friends and general networking are just a few of the benefits that come with being part of an online community.

But lets think about the other side – can there be a negative impact of having an online profile (think of that photo posted on your Facebook profile of you at 4am on a Saturday morning!)

What if a potential employer Googled you?

I could even go even further – do you have a personal blog? What do your posts say about you? Now I’m not suggesting that you completely sensor your “online life” but it’s important to remember that your online profile may be the first impression that someone has of you – or even alter an existing perception someone has. The internet has a very long memory, so you should always put your best “online face” forward.

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