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Reading Levels on Google Search

Reading Levels on Google Search

Google has launched a new advanced search tool that evaluates the reading level of websites. Google simply annotates the result in three different reading levels: basic, intermediate, and advanced.
Reading levels on Google

Reading levels on Google

Try it out! Click on the “advanced search” on the Google search page and type in your keyword search. The ‘reading level’ option is located under ‘Need more tools?’ and it allows you to ‘annotate results with reading levels’ or choose your desired level of reading. When you pressed ‘advanced search’, this should show up:
Advanced search on Google

Advanced search on Google

To return to regular results, simply just click on the ‘X’ button on the right corner.

Google is always coming up with new tools to help users enjoy their search experience and to maintain their status as the leader of search engines. All businesses should keep themselves up-to-date the latest news, so they can make the most out of the involving online world.

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