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Matt Cutts Outlines the Procedures to Remove Your Content from Google’s Index

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In this video, posted on Google’s YouTube channel and taken then plugged into a blog post on the Webmaster Central blog, Matt Cutts discusses methods of keeping certain content from being indexed – and removing that content if it is already indexed. Your first reaction may be “why would I want to remove content!? I want as many pages indexed as possible!”, however; this information can be very useful if you find yourself with issues such as your “add to cart” pages being indexed, multiple copies of the same page being indexed (such as if you were to have a printer friendly version of the same content), or even at times when a site’s security is hacked and extra spammy pages added to the site (when something like this is detected it is important to remove the URLs as soon as possible before they have any negative impact on the site rankings and trust level).

Matt presents quite well and the video is well worth a watch;



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