SEO + Social Media = ROI

SEO + Social Media = ROI

Who thought that the fun loving Social Media queen and the geeky SEO programmer could be a match made in ROI heaven?

You may or may not have heard the whispers: “Has social media become the new SEO? Has Facebook become the new Google? Has YouTube taken over the written word?”

Social media has, undoubtedly, taken over a booming corner of the internet, its users, and, effectively, internet marketing and businesses. But Google is still in its prime, as is traditional search engine marketing. SEO is more crucial than ever for online businesses to be successful. So where is the balance? What do you target?

The answer is this: By using social media, you effectively produce a conversation about your business online. By mixing this in with SEO, this conversation gets heard. So, target both. But how? And why? We’ll start with the ‘why’ first.

 1.Social media means more links.

Putting your stamp on social media sites means more links back to your homepage: an easy and straightforward way to boost SEO rankings.

2. Social media means more traffic.

On average, each Facebook user has 130 friends. The moment your business rubs shoulders with a Facebook fan, you get brand exposure to 131 people immediately. If you have 1000 Facebook fans, that’s 131 000 people you can potentially target.

3. Social media means greater conversion.

Studies have shown that social media users are 1.6 times more likely to buy your product than a normal website visitor. This is due to more brand exposure, better trust and by remaining on the tip of the tongue of your consumers.

Now what about the ‘how’?

Step one: Check out the competition

Are your competitors speaking to your customers? Are they on Facebook? Do they have a YouTube channel? Are they out there tweeting?
If so, it’s time to catch up. If not – be the first out there.

Step two: Make it work for you
The social media possibilities are endless: there’s YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Flickr, blogging – just to name a few. What medium would suit your business best? More importantly, what medium would suit your target audience best?



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