Shoppers Want More Customer Reviews

Shoppers Want More Customer Reviews

AdWeek has published an article on the findings of the 2007 “Social Shopping Study” of online consumers conducted in September by PowerReviews, a customer reviews agency in partnership with E-Tail Group.  The report found that two-thirds of those who shop online regularly almost always seek out customer reviews before making a purchase decision. Also noted is that research on a purchase is regularly conducted online regardless of where the purchase is actually made,  be it online, in a brick and mortar store or through a catalogue.

Other facts and figures;

  • 82% said they found reading reviews better than researching a product with a knowledgeable sales associate in a store.
  • Almost 70% said they would find reviews very helpful on sites selling toys and video games.
  • About 55% said they wanted reviews on sporting goods, gifts and specialty foods sites.
  • 81% use customer reviews to decide between two or three products or to confirm that their final selection is the right one.
  • Only 40% actually start the shopping process using reviews.

For more information check out the article on Adweek.

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