Six Apart Will Launch Ad Network

Six Apart Will Launch Ad Network

On Monday, blogging software company Six Apart announced a shake up of its services including new offices in New York, an advertising network and consulting services. The changes, including the acquisition of creative agency Apperceptive, are part of a shift towards becoming more of a one stop shop for bloggers to publish and monetise content in order to make money online.

The company owns two well-known blogging platforms in Movable Type and TypePad, the latter being a hosted solution whilst Movable Type is a professional blogging software. They also operate a free blog hosting solution named Vox that is supported by advertising on their users’ blogs. Competition in the advertising space will come from of course Google’s AdSense, as well as large blog advertising networks such as Federated Media. The membership numbers that come from being the second largest blog software company (after WordPress) will enable Six Apart to push forward quite agressively into this arena and positioning themselves towards the top end of the earners, whilst a challenge, should not be very far out of reach.

For more information on the restructuring, check out the original article on CNNMoney.

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