Social Media Tracking Success

Social Media Tracking Success

I have been reading a bit lately on how to track the progress of social media activities. There are a variety of different approaches that exist and different methods might be required for different campaigns. However, I have attempted to put together a simplified breakdown that the social media beginner will be able to understand and implement to their advantage.

Here are some simple steps to follow in order to gauge the success of your social media activities.

1. Determine your objectives
Be clear about the objective of your social media activities – is it to convert or is it to drive users to specific content?

2. Establish your metrics
Based on your objectives, determine what you are going to measure. You can set metrics around page hits, traffic generated, sales, leads etc.

3. Tag your broadcasts
This is probably the trickiest part of this process and also the most crucial. For this you will use a combination of shortened URLs via and UTM tagging via Google Analytics.

    First, choose the link you want to track and through which you will set your parameters in Google Analytics
    Next, shorten the link with
    Finally, broadcast the link via your social media networks.

4. Monitor in Google Analytics &
Collect stats via Google Analytics and in a format that helps you clearly see performance against the metrics you determined in Step 2.

5. Compare your results
Gather your data for a set period (depending on the amount of activity you are generating – the more activity, the less time is needed). At the end of that period you should see the performers which are bringing you the best return.

I hope that after reading this post you have a bit more of a clue on how to better structure your social media activities. Bring method to the social media madness and measure for success!

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