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Google Analytics Meets Facebook: How to Track Your Fans

by Aris Abramian August 29, 2012 Analytics
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Tracking your Facebook campaign can be tricky at the best of times. If you want use Google Analytics then your task is that little bit harder. I had to overcome this problem recently for our Online Business Mastery courses. The problem is Facebook doesn’t like certain kinds of Javascript. The kind that Google Analytics uses, [...]

Sitemaps Update in Google Webmaster Tools

by Special Guest February 1, 2012 SEO

Google recently updated the Sitemaps section of Webmaster Tools to be more user-friendly and provide clearer, more detailed information. If you haven’t heard of  Webmaster Tools before, it is a free platform that identifies and suggests solutions for technical problems on your website, reporting on aspects like page speed, search engine rankings, and duplicate content. This [...]

Why Page Layout Matters to Google

by Special Guest January 30, 2012 SEO

Earlier this month, Google confirmed that page layout is now a ranking factor for its search engine. The update is one of over 500 improvements to Google’s ranking algorithm that are being rolled out in 2012. Why would Google elevate page layout to official ranking factor status? Consider the following scenario: You’re using Google to try [...]

Top Tools for Marketing Your Business Online

by Special Guest January 30, 2012 SEO

With all the fantastic tools out there to help you market your business online, it can be difficult to know which ones to choose. This is what Robert Kiyosaki would call a “high quality problem”! But let’s face it, your time is your most valuable asset and you have more productive ways to spend it [...]

5 Must-Have SEO WordPress Plugins for Your Blog

by Paula Lay January 19, 2012 SEO

Having a website online that can’t be found is equivalent to setting up a surf store in the desert. Pointless. Here’s a better idea: taking advantage of some of the awesome and readily available tools to get your online business in front of the right people. For users of WordPress, I have compiled a list [...]

Introducing AdWords Dynamic Search

by Special Guest October 26, 2011 Pay Per Click (PPC)
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Google’s latest exciting AdWords feature to reach the beta testing stage is Dynamic Search Ads, which allows you to target relevant searches with dynamic ads generated directly from your site. How Does It Work? Google will index your website frequently for your products and/or services to maintain a fresh index using its organic web crawling technology When someone makes a search on Google [...]

A New Tool For Site Speed Optimisation

by Special Guest October 14, 2011 SEO

As you may already know, site speed has officially been considered a ranking factor by Google for more than a year. We’ve discussed the importance of the site speed in our previous blogs: “Why is page speed important?” and “Is page speed a ranking factor“. Why is Google pushing site speed as a ranking factor, even including a site speed [...]

Google Analytics Real Time: Undercover Boss Australia

by Special Guest October 12, 2011 Analytics

Coming off Lorraine’s post about Google Analytics Real-Time, we found an ideal test-case to see the new functionality in action. If you’re a fan of the Undercover Boss Australia TV series then you might have seen Staging Connections, an Australian event management company and one of our clients, appear on the show on Monday night. In [...]

AdWords Editor Version 9.5 Now Released

by Gabriela Serrano September 1, 2011 Pay Per Click (PPC)

Google AdWords has finally launched AdWords Editor Version 9.5 for both Windows and Mac computers. Read on to find out more about the most relevant updates. 1. Campaign Experiments This feature was only available through Google AdWords before. Now, it has been incorporated into AdWords Editor. The feature allows you to apply and edit an [...]

Google AdWords Express Launched

by Special Guest August 5, 2011 Pay Per Click (PPC)

Google launched the new feature AdWords Express early last week. Express is being promoted by Google as a simplified and easier version of AdWords for small business owners wanting to be found in the paid search results.   Google claims that setting up your account in AdWords Express will only take 5 minutes. Only basic information is needed, such as [...]

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