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Google Analytics Meets Facebook: How to Track Your Fans

by Aris Abramian August 29, 2012 Analytics
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Tracking your Facebook campaign can be tricky at the best of times. If you want use Google Analytics then your task is that little bit harder. I had to overcome this problem recently for our Online Business Mastery courses. The problem is Facebook doesn’t like certain kinds of Javascript. The kind that Google Analytics uses, [...]

Secret Conversion Channels in Google Analytics

by Aris Abramian March 20, 2012 Analytics

Understanding channels in Google Analytics is important. In my previous blog post 3 Things Your Analytics is Trying to Tell You, I talked about how a channel can be generating leads but not converting. Now I’m going to show you if a channel falls between being the first point of contact and the final closer [...]

How to Transfer Your SEO to a New Website

by Special Guest February 27, 2012 SEO

How can you ensure that your website’s SEO rankings and organic traffic aren’t lost when you’re getting a new website developed? It’s a question we get often from clients, and with valid reason – nobody wants to see their hard-won SEO gains get wiped away. So we’ve come up with a list of essentials that [...]

Tips on Getting Social, No Matter What Your Industry

by Paula Lay February 12, 2012 Social Media Marketing

There is a common misconception that social media only belongs to the realm of major consumer products and services. Many business owners don’t see the benefits of getting social online or are stumped at how to get their campaigns off the ground. What if I have a boring product/service? That ‘What if‘ is the  mindset [...]

YouTube Optimisation For Beginners

by Karl Fung February 10, 2012 Video Marketing

Before we get started learning about YouTube video optimisation, let’s make it crystal clear that YouTube is not your ordinary video sharing site. The statistics are compelling: YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world and is the 3rd most visited website on the internet according to Alexa. YouTube videos also get 500 Twitter tweets per [...]

Tips for Creating Awesome Link Bait

by Ian Fong February 8, 2012 SEO

Link Bait  /lɪŋk – beɪt/ -          noun  Website content created to gain links from other websites.   Creating link bait is not an easy process. It takes a well thought out plan and strong motivation to achieve link bait success. Winning the link bait game is the dream of every SEO. Once successful, link bait [...]

Socialnomics 101

by Michael Laps January 13, 2012 Social Media Marketing

“Socialnomics” is a foreign term to most businesses. Many companies are still set in outdated mind frames. Too afraid of change, and too afraid of what they don’t understand. Yet rather than educate themselves to stay ahead of their competition, they stubbornly refuse to budge. The result? Failure. If not today, then probably tomorrow. At [...]

Top Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Web Images

by Special Guest January 9, 2012 SEO

You spend hours writing blogs and creating spiffy images to post on your website and send out via your social media channels – but are you getting the most out of all of that effort? Here are some tips to give you confidence that you’re getting the most from your website images. Why the focus [...]

60 Seconds Online: What Your Business Needs to Know

by Alisha Young December 27, 2011 Social Media Marketing

I just came across this nifty infographic by, Amazing Things That Happen Every 60 Seconds on the Internet. Looking at these numbers, there’s no doubt the online world is a big place, and getting bigger every day. If you have a business that you’re marketing on the Internet (and I’m going to assume you [...]

Rich Snippets and SEO

by Paula Lay December 20, 2011 SEO

What are Rich Snippets? Rich Snippets are special markup tags that can increase the relevancy of content for users. They are also favoured by Google because they identify the different parts of a web page. If Google can clearly read that this part of a web page is a review, and that part is an [...]

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