Taking the Mystery Out of Web Metrics

Taking the Mystery Out of Web Metrics

In this article from earlier this year Todd Friesen from Range Online Media discusses 5 metrics you can use to track the success of your search engine optimisation campaign. He uses a Simpsons episode as an analogy of clients being afraid and confused by SEO and struggling to come to grips with the benefits, as aside from profits it can sometimes be hard to determine the success metrics of an SEO campaign whereas PPC appears to be a lot simpler to measure.

There is a “Simpsons” episode titled “The Springfield Files” in which Homer, after having had quite a few beers at Moe’s Tavern, sees an alien wandering through the woods. The alien says, “Don’t be afraid,” but Homer screams and runs away, obviously terrified of that which he does not understand. The alien preaches peace and love, but all Homer sees is scary, glowing, green skin. I think this is a little bit like the problem people have with search-engine optimization.

He goes on to explain 5 key metrics he uses to define the success of a client’s SEO campaign;

  1. Rankings – where you are ranking for the keywords important to your business.
  2. Traffic – comparing traffic levels before and after optimisation takes effect in the rankings.
  3. Revenue – compare revenue for an appropriate month with the same month of the previous year.
  4. ROI – extra revenue generated versus your SEO investment.
  5. Exposure – how many keywords you rank for and in how many engines.

Check out How to Measure SEO Success for more info.

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