Talk of Display Ads on Google Images

Talk of Display Ads on Google Images

An article on Bloomberg MUSE on the 7th of May discusses a new method of monetisation Google is looking at launching based around display advertising on it’s image search results.

Matching graphical-display ads with image searches “represents a large opportunity, and there’s lot of potential for advertising revenue there,” Marissa Mayer, a Google vice president, told Bloomberg Radio today. At the same time, the company must ensure such ads don’t drive users away, she said.

Mayer says the reason Google has not launched something like this to date is that they have yet to master an effective method of delivering the ads whilst not damaging the user experience of the image search engine. Apparently back in 2006 the figures were around US$200 million in potential lost revenue for Google simply from leaving the sponsored ads off of image search results – they gave up on this revenue stream after finding it drove users away.

The recent purchase of DoubleClick opens the doors to leveraging the company’s existing display advertising management software to serve display ads on image search results pages in an effort to show adverts that fit in much better with what the user expects to see on the page. No launch date has been concreted butthere have already been mock ups of what these pages may look like – the next step being user testing before a quite possible (and most likely) launch.

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