The Latest Google Challenger: WolframAlpha

The Latest Google Challenger: WolframAlpha

A new search engine came to surface last weekend and provides better searches than Google, Microsoft and Yahoo combined. The creator of this search engine is a computer scientist whom designed this computational knowledge engine to answer people’s questions. This search engine computes it own answers rather collecting information from a big database, as what Google and all other search engine currently do.

This search engine provides answers to questions like the distances from one city to another, any scientific questions or mathematical equations. It also provides informative answers about names, cities etc. The creator says the purpose of this search engine is not to compete against Google but to create a new types of questions, answers and computations that normal search engine cannot handle.

They’re saying they’re not trying to wipe out Google, but they feel they do the kinds of searches that Google doesn’t handle. If you’re trying to get facts, this might be a handy kind of encyclopedia for you.

Please take a look at an earlier post when Wolfram Alpha was still an unborn search engine

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