The Seven Deadly Sins of Link Building [Infographic]

The Seven Deadly Sins of Link Building [Infographic]

If you are like many business owners, trying to get your mind around link building tactics can leave you thinking, “Perhaps it’s better to not do anything at all!”. You may have come across many deceptive practices referred to in the SEO industry as “black hat”. You may even have received dozens of e-mails or calls from overseas companies promising to buy you hundreds and sometimes thousands of links, for only a few bucks.

As temptingly cheap as these offers may be, be prepared to get what you pay for. These companies are looking out for their short term interests, not your long term gain, and in the end when their practices fail, so too can your online presence.

So how do you compete with the big boys while not resorting to tactics that may endanger not only your SEO campaign – but your business and livelihood?¬†Shared below are the Seven Deadly Sins of Link Building to avoid (or not avoid if you’re feeling naughty and want a short term high!). Stay tuned for the Seven Virtues of Link Building.


Seven Deadly Sins of Link Building Infographic


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