Tour the E-Web Marketing Office in Under a Minute!

Tour the E-Web Marketing Office in Under a Minute!

Click the play button to check out our short video below put together wonderfully by Film Producer Randall Evans, ‘One Minute at E-Web Marketing’:

Frequently Asked Question about Working at E-Web Marketing

We’ve always taken pride in our office culture. Sure –  we have a play station. And yes, sometimes we like to have a snooze in the nap room.

This kind of workplace often gets questioned by workers in traditional and corporate offices. “Do you do any work at all?”… Oh, if only I was given a dollar each time I heard that line!

The truth is, we work hard to play hard. Studies have shown that workers who are more happier in the workplace, are actually more productive than workers in structured environments. From the expert Alexander Kjerulf (AKA Chief Happiness Officer), best selling author of, “Happy Hour is 9 to 5″, happy workers:

  • work better with others
  • have more satisfied customers
  • are more creative
  • fix problems and complain less
  • have more energy
  • are more optimistic
  • are more motivated
  • get sick less often
  • learn faster
  • don’t worry about making mistakes and end up making less mistakes anyway

Basically, making your employees happy is like giving your production levels a hit of steroids.

If ever you want to extend the virtual tour, make sure you sign up for our next information day!

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