Use Social Media to Attract Attention!

Use Social Media to Attract Attention!

Have you ever walked along the street and come across a crowd of people standing in a circle facing the centre? What is causing all this commotion? Who or what are they watching? Why are there more and more people joining this circle?

If you answered yes to 2 of the above questions then you will understand that it human nature to be curious and it only takes 5% of people to start a trend, and the other 95% will follow.

It is also one of the founding factors as to why Social Media Marketing works.

Social media is a great tool to help generate interest in the public and several cities have used it to generate interest to bring companies, residents, job seekers and tourists to their city. With enough attention and hype about the city going on, other visitors who haven’t experienced the positives are more than likely inclined to want to experience it too.

Given this insight, you can use this to your advantage as well. How many happy customers have you accumulated in the past? How many more of them do you think have friends who might be interested in your product or service? The answer to both those questions is most likely a “Yes! There are heaps!”  But how will the friends, family and associates of your happy customers know that you have delivered great service and fantastic products?? They don’t know what they don’t know! And the only way for them to know about it is if your previous customers talk about it.

It all starts with you stirring up a conversation using social media.

What ways can you use to start a crowd amidst a crowd of passersby?
Smlogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn

Do you keep in contact with any of your past customers? Is it possible that they might need your service or product again? If so, why not get in contact with them and stir up a chit chat? Happy customers love being contacted because you are reminding them of a good experience and appreciate that you are still concerned about their well being. Use them to help spread good news about your business today!

  • Posted at 3:21 am, December 18, 2010

    I think social media is an ideal tool to leverage the connections between your offline and on-line business. Unlike in the past most customers tend to buy something with some purpose. Thus your products in a social community can heavily impact your sales. All that we need is to focus on innovation, design, and brand loyalty. 🙂

  • Posted at 10:17 am, January 4, 2011

    I just wonder why most of the big companies in Australia are not using Social Media Strategies to their full potential if benefits are obvious as you mention on this article.

  • Posted at 8:48 am, January 5, 2011

    Raj – Social Media is definitely a good tool for linking offline and online business – however you will also find that a lot of businesses are trending towards having online stores, as opposed to just a presence. Innovation, design and brand loyalty is definitely key to developing the company presence and of course the product offerings.

    Karina – you would be surprised at how many companies ARE trying to utilise social media, however more so on the reactive side. Social Media is still in infant stages in Australia, but now it seems companies are becoming more aware that Social Media is an important tool, not only for customer management, advertising and branding etc, but also as a proactive tool for their business. In 2011 we will be seeing more and more businesses utilising Social Media to implement their business strategies.

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