Valentine's Day Spending Online

Valentine's Day Spending Online

How much is your Valentine worth to you?


If you are like many others this year, you might be looking to save a buck or 99 by shopping online. According to the infographic below, online spending for this special day has been steadily increasing:

  • 16.3% (2010)
  • 18.1% (2011)
  • 19.3% (predicted 2012)

Traditional bricks-and-mortar stores have not fared so well, with Valentine’s Day spending going down in florists and specialty gift shops. When you think about whether the average guy would prefer to order roses and stuffed bears holding hearts online, or physically go into a store he’d otherwise have no reason to visit, this makes a certain degree of sense.

I only wish I’d remembered to buy anything for Valentine’s Day, online or off, and saved myself the expensive stress of a last-minute restaurant booking …


Retailers Get Their ♥ On For Valentine’s Day

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