Video Website Users Up 45 Percent

Video Website Users Up 45 Percent

A report issued by the Pew Internet & American Life Project has shown that just under half the respondents said they have visited video websites such as YouTube. The figure, at 48% is up from 33% at the same time last yeah, which is a growth of 45%.

“The dramatic growth in the population using video-sharing sites is tied at least in part to the popularity of such sites among men, younger adults (under 30), and college graduates,” the report says. “Nearly a third of wired young adults (30%) watch video on a site like YouTube on a typical day and fully a fifth of online men (20%) do the same.”

The survey was given to 2,054 respondents aged 18 and older and 1,359 responded regarding video sharing.  These figures are set to continue to climb as broadband internet becomes faster, cheaper and more widely available meaning now is the time to be thinking about promoting your business and website through online video.

The source article discusses a possible correlation between growth in online media viewing and a decline in literacy skills.

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