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Which Social Media Platform Should You Use?

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What if I told you that you’re wasting your precious time on half the social media platforms you’re currently using? While social media has become one of the biggest touch-points between brands and their customers, far too often you find companies jumping head-first into the social pool, only to realise they had no idea just how deep it actually was. As any lifeguard will tell you, this is extremely dangerous – not to mention counter-productive.

Every social platform has its pros, cons – and above all, purpose. Before starting any activities, you should be researching where your target audience is most likely to be. Industries differ vastly from each other, and so do their consumers. Potential customers for Nike will have different habits (and use different social platforms) to Duracell. Connecting with your audience on the right network and on a personal level is key. Here’s a glimpse into each network, and the best uses for each:


Facts and figures:

  • Over 840 million users
  • Largest segment is 21-24 year olds, accounting for around 30% of all users
  • Facebook is a very casual, interactive network
    • Used to share photos, videos and random content that people find interesting (like blogs and music)
    • 250 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every day
      • If your business is in a highly visually-oriented industry (e.g. the travel or fashion industries), then this could be a major advantage

Best used for:

  • Companies with an interactive brand, product or service
  • Companies with an engaged consumer base
  • A business Facebook page can be a one-stop-shop for information
    • Latest events / services / products
    • Special offers
    • Good channel for customer feedback
    • Photos and videos associated with the brand
    • General engagement with fans


Facts and figures:

  • Over 140 million users
  • Largest segment is 31-49 year olds, accounting for around 42.3% of all users
  • Average of 340 million Tweets per day
  • Can be used for quick, short updates about your brand, product or service
  • Useful tool for responding to customer service queries

Best used for:

  • Businesses with a lot to say, share and ask:
    • New developments
    • Upcoming launches
    • Latest sales
    • Major announcements or changes
    • Asking followers to provide their opinion on various topics
    • Finding and connecting with users who are interested in the same topics as your brand, product or service


Facts and figures:

  • Over 150 million users
  • Largest segment is 35-44 year olds, accounting for around 23% of users
  • Strictly a professional network
  • Used to display professional accomplishments and connect with those in similar industries all around the world

Best used for:

  • B2B brands, products and services
  • Establishing connections with like-minded professionals in related industries
  • Creating your own group and inviting like-minded professionals to share thoughts and information about the topic


Facts and figures:

  • Over 100 million users
  • 70% of users are male
  • It’s still being used by a very technology-oriented crowd
    • Mostly those working in the engineering, web design and software development industries
    • It’s a good source to share interesting articles, blog posts and information relating to your industry
    • Thanks to Google’s latest algorithm changes, it now has an impact on your rankings too!

Best used for:

  • Companies in the IT sector or any business in the technology industry


Facts and figures:

  • 3rd most visited website, accounting for 10% of the internet’s traffic
  • Receives 2 billion views per day
  • Largest segment is 18-34 year olds, accounting for around 45% of users
  • If it’s worth watching, then it has the potential to be shared virally very easily. This is an important point when creating videos for YouTube.

 Best used for:

  • A video content sharing website, it can be used for almost any purpose imaginable. Sharing videos that are:
    • Educational
    • Informative
    • Humorous
    • Serious
    • Relevant to your business

There are more and more platforms being created on a seemingly daily basis. These five are merely the giants in the established hierarchy of the social media world. Use them wisely, and they can put you in a powerful position with your fans. But with power comes great responsibility: if you misuse a network, ignore your consumers, or approach them through the wrong channel, it could end up burning you.

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