Why is Page Speed Important?

Why is Page Speed Important?

As an online marketing company, E-web Marketing constantly comes across many websites that take a long time to load. We’ve previously written about how it was a ranking factor for Google in our previous blogs: “Quicker is better, Google to consider page speed as a ranking factor” and “Is page speed a ranking factor“.

But based on interesting research, poor website loading speed will have the following effects on your brand:

  • Poor user visitor retention and visitor loyalty

An interesting study released by Forrester Consulting outlines how users will remember websites that are slow and will consciously decide not to return.

  • Loading time affects conversions as well

Since users are more likely to scan through content rather than read it, it makes sense logically that quicker load times will assist in allow more content to be read. The same applies to E-commerce sites as well as informational ones, because people will tend to load up less pages as a result of a slow site. Then they can end up dropping out at the checkout phase and the sale is lost. In the long term this can have drastic affects on ROI.

Here are some interesting charts that show some comparisons between fast and slow websites.

Source: Searchenginewatch

Source: Searchenginewatch

When is the last time you looked at your page load speed? Contact E-Web Marketing for more information about page speed optimisation.


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