Wikipedia Video Receives a Cash Injection

Wikipedia Video Receives a Cash Injection

The concept of Wikipedia has always been about the sharing of information, however when it comes to new forms of information (namely videos), this sharing isn’t as simple. Text based information can be read by the vast majority of internet users, with few issues.

Videos on the other hand bring a whole new level or complexity- the myriad of codecs, bandwidth issues and content searching (videos must be tagged to be searched correctly) have meant that sharing of information via videos has been limited at best.

To circumvent some of these issues,  the Mozilla Foundation has given $US 100,000 for the research and development of an open source video standard. WikiMedia developer Michael Dale had this to say about the grant:

… Wikipedia will have staff resources put on integration of the components which will end up as a module to the open source MediaWiki wiki application.
These enhancements to MediaWiki should be available some time around May this year and will allow organizations to run their own collaborative video server.

Although it is a monumental task to try to combine all the different video formats, the creation of a universal standard would go a long way towards helping take information proliferation to the next level.

For more information on the WikiMedia project, check out this link.

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