Windows 7 vs Family Guy

Windows 7 vs Family Guy

In previous blog posts we have looked at how advertising may have to change in the wake of viewer’s watching habits changing. To help launch the new Windows 7, Microsoft have enlisted Seth MacFarlane and the Family Guy crew to create a specific show which will have product placement instead of ads.

Microsoft has been mocked for some of their initial Windows 7 ads (which featured an awkward Tupperware style party for Winows 7), however this attempt is outside the box, and has potential to succeed. The show will not stop for ads, however will feature an undetermined number of references and cut away sections to the Windows 7 product.

Microsoft has said that they will have their own copywriters and marketing people involved in the writing of the episodes, I’m sure to ensure that the Family Guy staff keep on target, and don’t use Windows 7 as the target of too many parodies.

Whether this works or not remains to be seen, however we applaud Microsoft for thinking outside the box, and attempting something different. For more information, check out this post.

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