With Our Powers Combined: Microsoft & Apple Rumoured Bedfellows

With Our Powers Combined: Microsoft & Apple Rumoured Bedfellows

The whisper going around the Tech Giant playground at the moment is that Bing might potentially take over from Google as the default search provider in the Safari browser in the new iPhone operating system. This rumour has been floating around for while but as the release of the new iPhone OS draws nearer then it might be a good time to look at the implications for SEO and its benefactors.

Currently, Google is estimated to spend around $100 million per year for the privilege. It’s anyone’s guess as to the price Microsoft would pay for the opportunity. Here we see two competing search entities go head to head for a very lucrative deal that would certainly pay massive dividends to the victor. But what does it mean for the little guy? If every iPhone user in the world was converted to using Bing then how much impact would that have on the importance of ranking in Bing’s mobile search? A massive one I’d say. If Bing pulls this deal off then we will be facing a large change in the market share Bing have currently in mobile search.

At this stage I don’t believe there is a need to reassess your online marketing strategy. The rumours are just that, rumours; however it does pay to be aware. Microsoft is denying everything. Google might not be interested in staying in bed with Apple considering they are bigger competitors in the mobile arena now with Google Android. Either way, keep your ears out as any battle between giants can get interesting. Even more interesting is the fact that such an alliance between Microsoft and Apple could prove to be a decisive strike against Google.

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