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World Cup Fever Hits E-Web

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After the excitement and energy of the World Cup Soccer Tournament had died down, E-Web Marketing decided to revive the spirit during lunchtime by holding a FIFA World Cup tournament of its own. Entries were taken and over the course of two weeks, a knock out competition was held to find out who the best FIFA Soccer player was. Players from every department faced off at lunch times and the atmosphere in the recreation room was electric. We had everything we needed to recreate the World Cup in our office, minus the vuvuzelas (but that didn’t stop us making a racket without them!).

Early days
Early days

Round 1 played out without too many upsets. The seasoned players were known and they strategically picked off the weaker, inexperienced players one by one. The quarter finals were where things started to heat up and rivalries were formed. The favourites, Aris and Buckley, began sledging each other early on and this continued up to the very end. The games were tight and many ended in penalty shoot-outs, creating much tension and spilt lunches on the rec room floor. Woofie, our office mascot, enjoyed the festivities as much as we did as he graciously picked up the remnants of the excited spectators’ lunches.

Finals approach
Finals approach

After a very cordial playoff for third place between Thakorlal and Forz (Thakorlal getting through with a nail biting win), the office gathered for the anticipated final between Aris “The Hitman” Abramian and Daniel “Girlyman” Buckley. The Hitman came out swinging however it was the steady and patient press by Girlyman that triumphed. Aris certainly wins a mention for his skillful sledging of his opponents however all credit must go to Daniel “Girlyman” Buckley – who prevailed to win the title of E-Web’s FIFA Soccer Champion!


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    Since when have I ever been referred to as “Girlyman”?

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