Yahoo and Bing Combine Forces to Battle Google

Yahoo and Bing Combine Forces to Battle Google

Microsoft and Yahoo have announced the merge of their search engines (Yahoo! and Bing) to take on the world’s leading search engine Google.

Microsoft will be powering the Yahoo search capability with their more sophisticated Bing engine, and Yahoo will become the sales force for both companies’ paid search advertisers. The partnership is a 10 year deal, where Yahoo will use Bing’s search technology on its sites, and Microsoft will give Yahoo a percentage of the revenues generated from the paid search results.

Currently Bing is only powering the Yahoo search results in the U.S and Canada, however plans are in the works for other countries.

In June this year, comScare Inc reported the current percentage share of each of the 3 main search engines as follows:
– 64% Google
– 18% Yahoo!
– 12% Bing

With the merge of Yahoo! and Bing, they still will only have less than a third of the search market, so there will be a lot of work and time involved before they stand a chance of toppling Google.

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