Yahoo Experimenting With Delicious stats in Search Listings

Yahoo Experimenting With Delicious stats in Search Listings

Yahoo, owners of Delicious for a little over 2 years now, has reportedly begun playing with the concept of showing information from the social bookmarking site under listings on its Search results pages.

Yahoo has confirmed that Delicious data has no impact on the search rankings, however from a user’s point of view a large number of “people who bookmarked” a page would indicate that it is a good resource and would theoretically attract a higher click through rate. I am sure Yahoo would be monitoring this sort of data. Furthermore, displaying the tags Delicious users have assigned to the links helps search users to investigate delicious bookmarks related to the topics they are researching.

I think this is a simple addition to the results pages that adds some very nice functionality for their users – particularly those researching a topic area more so than when looking for a specific answer to a question. The changes are not available across the board as of yet, and may not be fully release, however I see the change as quite useful and hope it is launched.

Example search listing;
Example search result

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