Yahoo Getting Proactive About Regaining Crown

Yahoo Getting Proactive About Regaining Crown

Yahoo is pulling out all the stops in improving their position in the marketplace. After many years as the key player in search, only to be usurped by Google in the last few years, their current base of 500 million users worldwide is slowly being eaten up by other new comers such as MySpace and Facebook.

Their first call to action will be a brand new design of their homepage, which has not been re-done since 2006. Following in the idea of iGoogle, they will be allowing widgets to be embedded onto the page to further encourage its users to make it their one stop shop on the Internet.

They also plan to increase their bottom line by opening their site to external service provides, most notably Google’s Advertising network, which has generated some concern from anti-trust lawyers. Yahoo also plans at looking opening up a  music section to compete with Amazon and iTunes.

The key point here is that Yahoo is by no means given up any hope, and if they play their cards right, can prove to be a force again as a portal site as well as a search engine.

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