Yahoo Inc Incorporating Social Media

Yahoo Inc Incorporating Social Media

Yahoo Inc is currently undergoing a revamp to its layout in an its attempt to establish itself as a social network hub. With Yahoo Inc partnering up with Facebook in December 09, personal updates from the social network, known as their ‘news feed’, will be available throughout the Yahoo’s website in the coming days. The new interface will only require a simple click of a link by Yahoo users to activate.

Other tools are also in the pipeline such as Twitter ‘tweets’, and features of popular Zynga games such as ‘Farmville’ and ‘Mafia Wars’, all intended to be incorporated on the Yahoo Inc site. Its aim is to retain its status as a popular social hub and encourage users to stay on the site longer.

Yahoo already has large share of the internet audience, with many of its millions of monthly visitors using the site to access information through search, read world news or check emails. With the rise of market share competitors like Facebook and Twitter, Yahoo wants to keep and grow its existing user base by providing integration through various social media networks. Net increases in site visitor time equals more opportunities for Yahoo to sell online ads to grow its revenue.

With the current concerns of various social media security issues, Yahoo has said they will simplify its privacy controls and encourage users to review the privacy settings.

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