Yahoo Opens Search Tools to Developers

Yahoo Opens Search Tools to Developers

Yahoo, in an attempt to win back market share from Google has decided to let independent web developers use the Yahoo technology to create their own custom searches.

This new service will be know as “Build Your Own Search” or BOSS, and will allow any third party developers to piggyback onto their technology. Yahoo in return will display their ads next to any search result, in an effort to combat Google Ads.

Yahoo figures plenty of Web developers will be interested because it’s providing access to a set of tools that would cost more than $300 million to build from scratch.

Whether this is a sign of innovation or desperation from the wounded giant of the search engine world is yet to be seen. Microsoft has attempted a takeover of Yahoo, with certain shareholders favouring the takeover due to plummeting share prices.

For more information on the technology and the takeover, check out the Forbes article.

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