Yahoo! Says No But Microsoft Says YES!

Yahoo! Says No But Microsoft Says YES!

After Yahoo! yesterday formally rejected Microsoft’s offer to buy them out, Microsoft vowed to continue its efforts for the takeover.  Google had originally offered to help Yahoo! in an effort to fend off advance from Microsoft, however have since dropped back into the audience after evaluating the potential regulatory implications of such moves.  Since the offer was made, shares in Yahoo! have risen almost to meet the level of that originally offered by Microsoft, which was at the time considerably higher than the trading price.  Despite the rise, and Yahoo!’s belief that the offer undervalued the company – analysts say that should Microsoft raise their bid from $31 per share up to $35 or $36 then Yahoo! may have to give in and sell up.  We will keep an eye on the progress!

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  • Posted at 1:10 pm, April 11, 2008

    Why doesn’t Yahoo! takeover Microsoft and close Microsoft down?

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