Yahoo Testing New SERPs Layout

Yahoo Testing New SERPs Layout

Yahoo recently began offering a new type of search engine results pages (SERPs) to its users in India, known as Glue Pages.  Along with the normal search results, Glue Pages also display a heap of other information related to the search. This information includes, features such as recipes, medical information, Wikipedia entries, stock charts, Flickr images, train schedules, restaurant lists, news, and even Google blog search results.  As well as leveraging Yahoo’s strengths of being more of a portal than Google, pages like this also present an array of monetisation opportunities for Yahoo, be it sponsored search results, display advertising, product listings and so on.

The pages were developed by Yahoo’s Indian team, as Yahoo encourages each of their teams to develop services that they feel will work well in their own markets. Beta testing is live on the Indian Yahoo pages, however at this stage there are no plans for launching the service on other Yahoo domains unless it really picks up and takes off during testing.

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