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Yahoo’s Ad Interest Manager Allows Users to Control Targeted Ads

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Yahoo has followed in the footsteps of Google and released a new tool that gives users the ability to control what targeted ads they receive. The beta launch of the new tool, named Ad Interest Manager, was rolled out on Monday in response to lawmakers and privacy groups putting increased pressure on online advertising networks to hand users more control on the personal data that is collected.

Ad Interest Manager can be found on the same page that used to allow Yahoo users to opt out of all behavioural tracking on its network. However, users now have greater flexibility which will allow them to control what targeted ads they receive. Users will now be able to select from interest categories from which to receive ads from as well as the option to use Yahoo’s “educated guesses” system to choose the types of ads they want to receive.

Yahoo’s search engine rival, Google, announced a similar service in November that gives users more control on the data that is collected and the categories of Ads that are delivered to them. However, Yahoo’s Ad Interest Manager offers even more information and greater control. Along with Yahoo and Google, there has been a greater trend amongst the other companies in the online ad industry that have responded to concerned users wanting choice when it comes to online advertising.


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