Yahoo's New Homepage

Yahoo's New Homepage

This evening Yahoo will be bucket testing a new version of its homepage with a small percentage of users. Below is a screencap of what could be the website’s new homepage, where the last change to the design was more than a year ago.

Yahoo Homepage

The new page combines what Yahoo calls “broadcasting” elements, which are the same news and resource links for everyone, with “narrowcasting,” which are highly customized home pages made popular by My Yahoo, iGoogle, Netvibes and others.

A key addition is the introduction of third party services to the Yahoo home page. For now users can log into their Gmail or AOL Mail accounts and view emails right from This is similar to what AOL unveiled last week. And like AOL, Yahoo has chosen to leave Microsoft out of the party.

All other changes to the website are largely cosmetic. Further details on the rollout of the changes can be read at TechCrunch.

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