Your Domain in any Characters from any Language

Your Domain in any Characters from any Language

Imagine you were an Internet user in a country that does not use the Roman Character set to compose words in your language, such as China. How does a web user type in your address if their keyboard does not support Roman characters?

Well soon it will become much easier for these users, as The Age Technology section reported this afternoon that a concept called ” Internationalisation of Domain Names (IDNs)” has been suggested and in discussion.

What does this mean for web users across the world? Well, it enables businesses – especially local businesses communicate with their market in a much more effective channel. It allows for respect of local customs and culture, as well as allowing them to reach a much larger section of their market.

But it works in a larger way for businesses that are trying to expand globally, as a business in Australia can create a much more effective communication medium to generate business in China for example.

So not only would this be a win for businesses all over the world, but also a win for everyone that uses the Internet in making it so much more accessible. A great initiative that I hope will succeed.

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