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Your Keywords and Webmaster Tools

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People often wonder, “Why doesn’t my site rank for keyword x”. Well, the answer often lies within Google’s own Webmaster Tools. Here we’ll show how you can use Webmaster Tools to identify keyword related ranking problems.

Here we take a look at a site that ranks quite well for some specific terms but not others. Using Webmaster Tools we’ll identify why Google views certain keywords like “wedding ring” more relevant than “diamond wedding ring”

What keywords we are relevant for
Figure 1: What keywords we are relevant for

What this shows us is that this site’s SEO campaign is targeting “wedding ring” very heavily, with less focus on the keyword “diamond wedding ring”. It’s also important to be aware of the keyword variants, as Google is getting better at seeing the relationships between words (usually this is just the plural version of a keyword, but not always).

Figure 2: Keyword Variants
Figure 2: Keyword Variants

Looking deeper into the individual keyword “ring”, we find that Google has found the variant “rings” of the keyword “ring”. This doesn’t always equate to equal rankings but Google definitely understands that “ring” and “rings” are closely related.

Webmaster Tools is full of information that can help you get the best out of your website. If you’ve never looked into your Webmaster Tools then you are missing out on (probably the best) SEO analysis of your website.

If you’ve ever had any problems discovered in Webmaster Tools or are unsure how to proceed with any problems you’ve found there, then let us know in the comments!


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