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Express CRO Tip Series #24 – How Well Does Your Landing Page Score?

Express CRO Tip Series #24 – How Well Does Your Landing Page Score?
Posted by in Conversion Optimisation

If you want your online website to make more sales and enquiries by firstly reducing the bounce rate then this infographic is for you! For each of the 8 questions, give your answer, at the end of the quiz, total up your score to see where you rank!

If you have problem understanding any of the pointers or applying the theories to your website, I’ve provided examples and diagrams to help guide you.

Happy conversion optimisationing!



is the head of Conversion Rate Optimisation and Design. Armed with an eye for analytics, she also has a background in graphic design which compliments the online marketing activities of E-Web Marketing perfectly - working closely with SEO, PPC and Social departments. Amy is dedicated in helping businesses increase their online trust factor and brand credibility. She often holds both private and group workshops to teach business owners how to get more sale and enquiries from their website. By breaking down the websites in details, giving demo of helpful tools and providing visual recommendations of changes to be made, business owners have achieved higher web conversion rates, more revenue and more engagement.


  1. Lisa Hastie Reply

    Great post – really worth-while advice and well put – cheers Amy. So often home pages and landing pages are overly complicated trying to be too clever and offer too much without even being clear about outlining the product itself. I also particularly liked your point about making the choice simple (#7). Lise

    • Amy Cheng Reply

      Thank you for your feedback Lisa, happy to hear you found it helpful!

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