Getting disappointing
online marketing results?

Let the experts from
E-Web Marketing mentor you

No hype. No shiny objects.

MaxMyProfit is offering businesses of any scale, from sole trader upward, an eight session professional mentoring program designed to deliver profitable digital marketing results. At face-to-face workshop sessions, held at our Sydney venue, you’ll learn exactly what works online - and what doesn’t - in a fun, challenging and friendly environment.

Who is the mentoring program meant for?


New business owners need to take early control of their online marketing. Few start-ups have the budget to outsource their digital strategies before their businesses become established. Our mentoring program gets you on the road to successful DIY campaigns, using proven strategies applied by E-Web to its extensive client base.

Small Business

If you have nominated a staff member to manage and oversee your online marketing, you know how important it is for them to keep up to date with the ever-changing online marketing landscape. Our mentor program is the ideal way for your in-house ‘web master’ to learn the vital search optimisation techniques to get rewarding campaign results.


If you’re passionate about online marketing with an active interest in the field, you know its crucial value to all business endeavours. Our mentoring program will accelerate your current knowledge to an expert level. You’ll learn the latest practical techniques for online marketing success and be ready to apply them to any future scenario, to expedite profits.

Established businesses

Are you starting to question the results you’ve been getting from your online marketing agency? If your campaigns have been disappointing, but you’re hesitant to move on, our mentoring program will help you understand how to meaningfully measure and track progress. You’ll learn the background detail necessary to evaluate reports and be able to make an informed decision about what action to take next.

What others say about our workshops

  • "I had the privilege of attending Robert Coorey’s event today and it was wonderful to see how he sets up his office and conducts business. Robert combines strength of character with actionable knowledge. His humility in delivering quality information without the hype in eatable chunks was lapped up by the hungry audience and it was scrumptious."
    Belinda Ingels Belinda Ingels
    Lead Generation & Sales Strategist TBOTB the Best Of The Best
  • "Thanks again for yesterday, it was quite an eye-opener! Loved the way you went about it as well and how the whole group became like a group of friends throwing ideas around and helping each other. Stayed outside chatting to David and Dilet outside for quite a while and will be meeting them for lunch soon. Very exciting!"
    Romeo Varga Romeo Varga
    Freelancer Romeo Varga Designs
  • "The content was great and the hot seats really brought some the concepts. The day was an awesome experience and I’m so glad to be in the same room sharing the experience and learning’s with a great mix of awesome entrepreneurs. Thank you."
    Frank Di Bartolo Frank Di Bartolo
    Chief Executive Officer Pacific Hi Fi

What will I learn ?

  • How to structure - or re-structure - an online presence that targets growth
  • The key attributes for step-by-step, goal-driven online marketing
  • Professional techniques for planning and implementing profitable online marketing
  • Essential campaign management and monitoring skills
  • Keyword, conversion and site user source performance, measurement and analysis
  • How to identify ‘quick win’ online opportunities and result-tracking techniques
Further benefits for your business
  • Valuable regular networking with business peers
  • Access to case studies, reports and free marketing tools
  • Objective input from members of an intensive working group
  • Expert feedback directed at your specific commercial challenges

What is my time commitment?

Our mentoring package is a structured eight-session program of live workshops at MaxMyProfit’s premises. Additional personal support is available between sessions.

Your program overview

Session 1:
Laying Your Digital Marketing Foundation

  • Introduction to the online marketing landscape
  • Understanding the different methods of digital marketing
  • Establishing marketing strategy goals and milestones
  • Creating your tailored online marketing checklist
  • Identifying the best marketing channels for your business
  • Keyword research
  • Identifying your ideal buyers
  • Reviewing competitors’ strategies
  • Creating customer personas

Session 2:
Google Analytics / Search Console Masterclass

  • Setting up Google Analytics
  • Setting up Goals & Events
  • Creating custom reports
  • Decoding analytics results
  • Measuring website conversions
  • Setting up Google Search Console
  • Reviewing your backlinks
  • Checking for penalties

Session 3:
Search Engine Optimisation

  • Understanding the SEO landscape
  • Understanding Google's organic algorithms
  • On-page optimisation
  • Technical SEO
  • Search Engine Targeting
  • Local SEO
  • Off-page optimisation

Session 4:
Content Marketing Strategy

  • Understanding what content marketing is
  • The business case for content marketing
  • Understanding the digital content landscape
  • Relating content marketing to your core service
  • Setting up a blog strategy
  • Integration of content marketing with social media
  • Climbing up the value chain of content; videos, infographics and interactive content

Session 5:
Google Adwords

  • Understanding the Pay Per Click Advertising model
  • Understanding how Google Adwords work
  • The relevance of Pay Per Click as one part of your digital marketing efforts
  • How does Google Adwords rank accounts and campaigns in Ad auctions
  • What factors impact your cost per click
  • What resources to use in planning an AdWords campaign
  • How to measure the effectiveness of your PPC campaign
  • Tips for optimising your campaign
  • Examination of an attendee’s campaign
  • Should I pay for PPC management or self-serve?

Session 6:
Social Media Strategy

  • Setting up a social media strategy
  • The business case for social media
  • Creating a social media calendar
  • Identifying social triggers
  • Social media monitoring
  • Social media listening
  • Creating a social media footprint

Session 7:
Paid Social Media Lead Generation

  • The business case for paid social media
  • Lead generation for seminars
  • Identifying and defining a correct target audience
  • How to effectively structure ads
  • Landing page design and conversion
  • Increasing retention and show-up rates
  • Lead generation through social media ads

Session 8:
Website Conversion Rate Optimisation

  • Understanding CRO goals
  • Website data and analytics
  • Heatmaps, Scrollmaps, UserInsights
  • Understanding statistical significance for CRO actions
  • A / B Testing
  • Best practice for checkout procedures

The Mentoring Program Format

  • Face-to-face workshops at the MaxMyProfits office
  • Q&A time (group and individual) at the end
  • Access to join our social media groups for support
  • Free video recordings of the mentor workshops
  • Direction on the free online marketing internet tools
  • Opportunities to have your website reviewed


Sam Shetty

Chief Executive Officer

E-Web Marketing

Hasnain Hararwala

Web Analytics Analyst

E-Web Marketing

Shawn Powrie

SEO and Content Specialist

E-Web Marketing

Ross Kenny

Head of Paid Advertising

E-Web Marketing

Blake Smith

Social Media Consultant

E-Web Marketing

Dino Bernardo

Social Media Lead Gen Specialist

E-Web Marketing

Cillian Bracken-Conway

CRO Specialist

E-Web Marketing

Gary Ng

Digital Marketing Consultant

E-Web Marketing