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Call Tracking is revolutionary technology that measures the source of every phone call your business receives. Knowing the source of your inbound calls, means you can allocate your marketing budget to the streams generating the most calls, and eliminate the ones that are underperforming.

E-Web Marketing can help your business track every marketing dollar spent across traditional and digital advertising spaces. There is no need to disrupt your current phone system, change telecom providers, or install any hardware or software to use call tracking.

Call Tracking is the ultimate bridge between your on and offline marketing. So when you consider that more Australians will be using their phones than their PCs to browse and shop online by 2013, it’s clear that this service is a competitive advantage.

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Caller Analytics

You’ll receive a log detailing the date, time, and duration of each inbound call, allowing you to review your peak service hours.

Caller ID

Retrieve the phone number and location of each caller, including missed calls. Never miss an inbound sales opportunity again.

Missed Call Notifications

We’ll alert you to missed calls via email or SMS, so you can take swift action to follow up on an enquiry.

Call Recordings

If there is a low conversion rate from inbound calls, recordings can help you to identify where additional staff training is required.

Intelligent Call Routing

Reduce call abandonment by dynamically forwarding your calls to the right people at the right time. Calls can also be forwarded to your mobile after hours.

Google Analytics Integration

Call Tracking statistics can be viewed in Google Analytics, to give you a clearer picture of how your phone calls and web enquiries perform side-by-side.

Professional Analysis

Your E-Web Marketing campaign manager can help you to understand your Call Tracking data in context with your other marketing streams.

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Their results, service and advice has been second to none. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a dependable online marketing company that are not only upfront and transparent, but ultimately get results.

– Ben Smit, Managing Director, Breathalyser

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