Content Strategy

Fill your website with words that sell

Do you have the right content strategy for your website? Does your content writing give your target audience clear and easy access to the information they’re searching for? Or does it leave them confused, unimpressed, and ready to look elsewhere?

Words are the fundamental currency of online business. You may own the most beautiful website ever created, but if its content is lacking or lacklustre, it will never generate worthwhile revenue. A professional content strategy may be the solution you need to ensure your online success.

5 key benefits of an online content strategy

  1. Content leads to higher rankings. Search engines love fresh, value-adding content as much as people do. With Google’s algorithm becoming more sophisticated with every passing week, it’s imperative for your rankings that your web content is highly useful to your target audience. Writing a generic page of 400 words that includes your keywords few times just isn’t good enough anymore.
  2. Content is a critical conversion factor. Having the wrong type of content is a surefire way to destroy your conversion rate. Visitors have come to your website in search of information, and if they don’t find it quickly, they will leave. If your content writing is cryptic, self-absorbed, or too aggressively sales-focused – it will drive your visitors away forever.
  3. Content propels visitors to action. It’s amazing how many websites have weak calls to action, or none at all. On the other side of the spectrum, some websites are nothing but loud banner ads that scream for a sale or enquiry without making any effort to inform or engage their visitors. If structured the right way, web content can become your business’ most powerful sales tool.
  4. Content builds relationships. Not only does having the right content strategy create a trustworthy impression, it makes your potential customers like you. All things equal, people would rather do business with people they like. Instead of using jargon and corporate-speak to try to sound important and knowledgable, content writing needs to communicate at the human level.
  5. Content delivers measurable results. The effectiveness of a content strategy can be measured. With web analytics tools, you can see how long your visitors spend on targeted pages, as well as each page’s rates of enquiries, sales, exits and bounces. You will know if your content writing is engaging your visitors, instead of just blindly hoping that your message is getting through.


Why use E-Web Marketing for your content writing?

It’s a well known fact that sales copy that brings in millions of dollars in offline direct marketing can crash and burn on the web. Internet users have a unique psychology that is highly resistant to traditional advertising techniques. What they value most is relevant information and their own precious time. Web users resent being sold to before they have the information they need to make their own decision. Even more, they resent having their time wasted with false or unclear information.

E-Web Marketing specialises in writing content specifically for the web. With professional qualifications in business communications, copywriting and journalism, our content strategy team can craft the perfect story that will resonate with your customers and turn them into loyal fans. Human beings love stories, and having the right story that speaks to the right audience is the heart of any effective content strategy.

Our content strategists will help you with:

  • Defining your core message. What does your company stand for? What makes you different from your competitors? And what is the most important thing you need your website visitors to do?
  • SEO-friendly pages. We will create or restructure your content in the way that is most appealing to search engines, increasing your chances of high rankings.
  • Killer sales copy. Our sales pages are expertly tailored to activate the psychological triggers that turn browsers into customers.
  • Enticing product descriptions. Snappy, on-target product descriptions are a must-have for e-commerce retailers.
  • Value-adding blog posts. Regular blogging is an important aspect of SEO, and can also position you as an authority in your field.
  • Public relations. We regularly create quality press releases and articles for submission to online magazines and newspapers.
  • Content syndication. Get your content in front of more people through targeted distribution channels.

Each business has a unique story waiting to be told. Whether you need full service overhaul of your existing content, or ongoing support with your content writing, we can customise the perfect solution to meet your needs. Speak with us today to find out how to clarify and express your message to the people who need to hear it most.