Pay Per Click

Give your website an instant traffic boost

Have you tried everything to get more visitors to your website – but it still seems like your online business is dying of traffic starvation? Are you afraid you may be wasting money on expensive ad campaigns and promotions, when you have no way of knowing if they paid off?

The sad fact is, blindly buying ad space and hoping for the best will usually leave you in a worse financial position than when you started. Both on and offline, the world is so flooded with ads that most of us automatically block them out. Wouldn’t you love to find an advertising medium that delivers instant, cost-effective and qualified traffic to your website?

Why Pay-per-Click is the world’s most effective form of advertising

With a professionally optimised Pay-per-Click (PPC) campaign, you can get your message in front of your exact target audience.

With PPC, your ad only shows when someone makes a search relevant to your product or service – and you only pay when someone clicks on your ad! That’s right, your ad can show to thousands of qualified prospects but it won’t cost you a cent until an interested potential customer clicks on it.

This makes it extremely easy to measure your Pay-per-Click ROI. With PPC, you will know:

• How many people see your ads
• How many people click on your ads
• How many people turn into a lead or customer after clicking your ads
• How much each new lead or customer costs to acquire

With these invaluable insights, you’ll be able to:

• See which ads give you the highest returns, and show them more often
• See which ads aren’t effective, and stop showing them
• Spot profitable keywords that you can then use for your SEO campaign
• Find your website’s highest converting landing pages
• Compare the returns you get from PPC with the performance of other advertising mediums


How PPC works with SEO to make your business stronger

If you already have an SEO listing on page 1 of Google, your PPC ads will increase your total website traffic. You may have heard of the myth of “PPC cannibalisation”, which refers to users clicking on paid ads instead of your organic results if they’re given the choice. However, studies show that when you have PPC and SEO running together, you get more traffic than if you had only an SEO campaign by itself. Turning off PPC causes traffic to drop.

Another benefit of using PPC and SEO together: when you appear in both the organic and paid search results, people see your company as an authority in your industry, which increases trust with your brand.

3 more fantastic PPC advantages

FACT #1: When you print offline ads, or buy ad space on other websites, you can be stuck with the same ad copy for months on end, even if you find you get bad responses from it.

PPC Advantage: Pay-per-Click lets you make real-time changes to your ad campaigns.

FACT #2: With print ad runs, there is usually a high minimum order to get started. Other advertising programs can require an expensive sign-up fee, or run the risk of you spending more than you want. These can set you back a hefty sum without you seeing returns for a long time (if ever).

PPC Advantage: Pay-per-Click has no start-up fees and lets you set your own budget that can’t be overspent.

FACT #3: Other types of website marketing can take weeks or months to work, which is frustrating when you need a traffic injection NOW.

PPC Advantage: Pay-per-Click starts showing ads to your target customers within minutes.


Why should I use a PPC management service?

Because it is amazingly easy to lose money in PPC if you don’t know what you’re doing. You can spend too much on the wrong keywords, waste clicks on the wrong audience, not work to test and refine your campaign, not know how to measure the results … It all adds up, and so do the wasted dollars and missed customer opportunities.

And because, even more than your money, your time is your most valuable asset. Do you really want to spend hours and hours on trial and error, in order to gain the knowledge and experience to run a PPC campaign successfully?

On the other hand, a qualified PPC specialist can dedicate the time needed to continually monitor and improve your campaign, and is already proficient in the following crucial areas of PPC management:

Keyword research and bidding. This doesn’t just mean bidding on the keywords with the highest traffic – these are usually the most expensive! It’s finding the keywords which will get you the highest return for the lowest cost.
Ad creation and optimisation. Crafting the right headlines and copy to entice clicks, closely monitoring and making improvements based on each ad’s performance. The better your ad performs, the less you pay for each click.
Campaign reporting. Defining and reporting on the relevant metrics so you know the exact value of each campaign, ad and keyword.

5 reasons to choose E-Web Marketing for PPC

  1. We’re a Google Certified Partner and Yahoo Search Ambassador. These qualifications mean that we’ve passed Google and Yahoo’s rigorous testing guidelines for agencies managing Pay-per-Click campaigns.
  2. Proven success. See what our satisfied clients have to say about their PPC results!
  3. Holistic experience. Apart from running hundreds of campaigns since 2005, our company’s expertise in many online marketing services gives us a deep understanding of how PPC fits in to the bigger picture of your business marketing.
  4. No lock-in contracts. After the initial 3 month period you can stop your PPC campaign at any time. We only ask you to commit to the first 3 months because that’s how long it takes to test and determine your most profitable keywords and audiences, and to tweak the campaign to best achieve your goals. 1 or 2 months isn’t long enough to gather meaningful data.
  5. HSF Guarantee. We exist to bring you Happiness, Success and Fun. We will always do our best to get you results, be upfront and transparent, and never use technical jargon to try to scare you into handing over your money. We guarantee it!