Web Traffic Optimisation

What gets measured, improves

A law that is well known by globally successful businesses and billionaire entrepreneurs is this: What gets measured, improves. People like Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Donald Trump did not achieve their success by blindly following best practices, but by carefully measuring the effect of each action and changing their approach accordingly.

Web Traffic Optimisation provides you with comprehensive measurement and analysis of your web traffic, empowering you to make informed decisions about your online business strategy. By analysing your website’s visitor behaviour data, E-Web Marketing’s Google Analytics Qualified Professionals can identify the exact cause of your concerns, and provide you with straightforward advice to correct any issues that are preventing your website from performing to its full potential.


Demystify your web analytics

While any company can gain from a deeper understanding of their web analytics, our Web Traffic Optimisation service is especially beneficial to marketers and businesses who have achieved an increase of website traffic, but not a corresponding increase of measurable revenue.

This is a common occurrence, as the relationship between web traffic and revenue is rarely black and white. On the surface, the behaviour of your website visitors can be baffling, leaving you confused and frustrated as to why your online marketing campaigns are not providing the expected returns.

There are a number of potential reasons why your website might be underperforming, such as:

  • Your visitors are arriving at your website at the wrong stage of the buying cycle
  • Your visitors are not targeted to the correct pages, products or services
  • Your visitors aren’t finding the information they’re looking for
  • Your web pages are not laid out in a conversion friendly way
  • Your web pages have technical or usability issues that are frustrating your visitors

Web Traffic Optimisation provides you with all the information you need to understand your current level of online customer engagement, as well as specialist advice on how it can be improved. You will receive monthly reports customised to your online business goals, and the opportunity to discuss them with a Google Analytics Qualified consultant.

Don’t leave your online success to chance. Without a thorough understanding of your web analytics, you won’t have the information and strategy your business needs to thrive. By measuring your website visitor engagement and taking steps toward improving it, we help you clear the path toward market dominance.