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Meet the Folks

E-Web Marketing had its genesis in the last century. Back then, business owners worried about Y2K, tried to get Hits to their website and Millennials were but a twinkle in the world’s eye. That’s right! Fast forward to now and E-Web’s team has digital marketing experience which exceeds half a century.

Sam Shetty

Sam entered the burgeoning digital marketing industry, after graduating as an engineer.He has mentored countless business enterprises and his global network is expansive. Sam understands it can be a challenge to show value in a noisy marketplace.

Shawn Powrie
Operations Manager, Digital Marketing Specialist

Shawn is a Macquarie Uni Computer Engineering graduate – no mean feat for an almost native Mandarin speaker. Shawn is a passionate evangelist for ethical organic optimisation (SEO). At times, his colleagues struggle to find the “off” switch.

Thomson George Jacob
Project Manager

Thomson is a Commerce graduate with a deep understanding of web development. In a short tenure, Thomson has disrupted the comfortable, sleepy existence which E-Web’s developers previously called ‘work.’

Erin Yu
Finance Manager

Erin is a Commerce graduate from UTS. Her unenviable task is keeping the credit column on the bank statement bigger than the debit. She ensures that staff follow due process and considers ridding E-Web of the Salesforce curse as her finest achievement.

Hasnain Harawala
Digital Marketing Specialist

Hasnain holds a Masters in Commerce and his undergraduate studies in Hospitality underpin his commitment to customer service excellence.

Avneet Gupta
Digital Marketing Specialist

Avneet holds a dual Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication and she’s much better qualified to write this. Avneet’s responsibilities at E-Web span social media and organic optimisation.

Dino Bernardo
Digital Marketing Specialist

Dino holds a Commerce Masters from UNSW. His skills in Facebook Ads have attracted a legion of Likes and he also delivers marketing automation to E-Web clients.

Blake Smith
Digital Marketing Specialist

Blake is a dual graduate of Science and Marketing. His ability to simultaneously slam dunk a basketball while he delivers ethical ninja SEO hacks is unparalleled.

Melissa Lahoud
Content Creator

Melissa holds a Masters in Journalism and her content creation has been delivered on radio, digital and print media. Her quality content is integral to our clients’ success.

Nilo Luz
Digital Marketing Specialist

Nilo holds an MBA in Digital Marketing and he’s honed his passion for organic optimisation in past roles, both in his native Brazil and here in Australia.

Cillian Bracken-Conway
Digital Marketing Specialist

Cillian is a Business graduate, majoring in Programming – to be sure, to be sure. He has a specialised skillset in Ecommerce shopping carts and is across all digital media channels.

Ross Kenny
Paid Search Specialist

Ross has more than 10 years experience in Google AdWords account management and there was a collective sigh of relief when he joined E-Web: the average age rose incrementally.

Jisan Polara

Jisan holds a Master of Science in Information Technology and he is our local developer guru. He makes magic happen in the code of web and software application while everyone watches in amazement.

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