+1 Tracking Now Enabled in Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics

+1 Tracking Now Enabled in Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics

Further to the Google+ Project, +1 metrics for websites can now be measured in Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics, showing traffic originating from +1 buttons.

Within the +1 metrics tab in Webmaster Tools, you will be able to see:

  • Search Impact Report

Just like with search traffic, this let’s you see exactly how the +1 has an effect on the website. It will display the number of impressions and shows you the click through rate (CTR). It also allows you to sort the results by +1 annotated impressions, +1 annotated clicks, all impressions and all clicks.

And all of these can be compared against either CTR and number of clicks.

  • Activity

This option allows you to see how many times your pages have been +1’d against a particular date range. From this you can select to see new +1’s or all +1s. This can be compared to whether they came from your site or other sites.

  • Audience

This is an interesting feature that displays information about who has +1’d your pages, including the total number of unique users, their location, age and gender. Although they don’t share personal information, this is something that will be useful in gathering more accurate information about your user demographic visiting the website.

Tracking has also extended to social plugin tracking in Google Analytics where you will be able to see more in depth information about user behaviour relating to social media. The different types of reports include:

  • Social Engagement – which shows you how on-site behaviour changes across different social media platforms.
  • Social Actions – tracking the amount of social actions taken place on your website.
  • Social Pages – allows you to compare different pages on your site with the highest amount of social actions.

Over the next few days, if you have the correct setup enabling social plugin tracking, you will be able to see the metrics streaming through. For more information on how to enable tracking on your website, visit the official social plugins tracking page.

Happy social tracking!

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