10 Easy Ideas for Generating Business Blog Content

10 Easy Ideas for Generating Business Blog Content

Looking for easy ways to keep your company blog loaded with interesting and relevant content? Check out the following list of simple strategies that will keep those posts flowing.

1. Answer Common Customer Questions

Filter the emails and enquiries you receive from customers and turn these into a FAQ or a simple list of common questions and answer them via your blog. Depending on how involved the questions are you can dedicate entire posts to particular questions or group similar questions.

2. Gather and Report on Industry Information

Compile industry statistics, images, videos etc and put them into interesting articles that will be useful to your clientele.

3. Explore other Media

Publish video or audio interviews of industry figures/experts. Post images from events.

4. Enlist Help

Approach others to write for you. Work smarter not harder and incentivise people in your industry to write for you. Does an employee in your company have a specialty? Get them to write a post!

5. Create Lists

How-to, best-of, etc. Make them useful, specific and relevant.

6. Chart It Up

You can’t go wrong with useful data displayed in a graph. They make it quick and easy to get your idea across.

7. Think Like an OpEd Writer

OpEd writers argue a particular side of an issue and no doubt there will be points of contention in your industry. Pick a hot topic and write an opinion piece on it.

8. Analyse your Analytics

Web analytics can tell you useful information about your users such as where they are from, what info they seek, what computer/browser they use and even what phone. That info can help you come up with ideas to peek your customers interests.

9. Review Stuff

Read books (or even watch films or documentaries) related to your industry. Review them for your clientele via your blog.

10. Break News

Scan the news and media to find out the latest in your industry and write a post on the event/development.

Check out more detailed information on the above pointers in the original post by Kipp Bodnar here.

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