19 Inspirational Company Headers on LinkedIn and Twitter And How to Add Yours

19 Inspirational Company Headers on LinkedIn and Twitter And How to Add Yours

LinkedIn and Twitter have adopted the Facebook approach and given companies the ability to attach a header image on company pages/profiles. The update to the page designs give the opprtunity for companies to further brand themselves against other pages without the constraints of a social platforms interface. If you’re not sure where to begin, knowing how to add your header image is a good start!

Adding a Company Header on LinkedIn

On your company page, click on the big blue edit button:

Edit LinkedIn Company Page

On the next page, click on ‘add image’ underneath the white blank empty space where the header will appear:

Add Header on LinkedIn

Follow the instructions – ‘choose’ an image file (PNG, JPEG or GIF with a max. size of 2MB) and then click ‘upload’. For best results, have an image ready that is already 646 x 220 pixels. Once your file has been selected from your desktop, click on ‘save’ to finish the process.


Uploading header to linkedin

Once uploaded, scroll to the top of the editing page and click ‘Publish’ to display your changes.


Company Header Tips for LinkedIn

Linked In Tips

Unlike Facebook, there are no strict guidelines as to what you can feature in your company header image. You may choose it to feature your company contact details or promote call to actions. The purpose of your LinkedIn page isn’t just about driving sales though, rather, it is about fostering relationships for professional  networks and building up a community surrounding your company.

For the examples chosen below, we’ve sought company pages that: a) have maintained branding from other online presences; b) showcase their company and/or employees and c) show their company in a different light.

I’ve included our company page above as an example which delivers all three points.

  1. Employees: Our Chief Empowerment Officer Gary backed up by a team of E-Webbers
  2. Branding: colour scheme maintained across multiple online channels.
  3. Company in a different light: Trust me, we’re not always jumping up with our hands in the air! (Just most of the time …)
The text used in the image is our company vision, which has a constant presence in all of our marketing paraphernalia.

5 LinkedIn Header Examples to Inspire You

1. Dell

Dell LinkedIn Header Example

Why it works:

  • Captures a Dell employee in their daily activities
  • Graphics match website graphics
  • Invites viewer to explore dell as a business solution

 2. Facebook

Facebook LinkedIn Header Example

Why it Works:

  • Takes “showing the entire company” to a new level
  • Promotes the business location
  • Features a QR Code on their rooftop that is visible from space

3. Hewlett-Packard

Hewitt Packard LinkedIn Header Example

Why it works:

  • Promotes company values
  • Insight into the HP office and employees
  • Makes use of the space allocated by combining imagery and text

4. HubSpot

Why it works:

  • Promotes products as well as employees
  • Invites viewers to interact with the page
  • Puts a human face to the B2B communication

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn Header Example

Why it works:

  • Promotes logging onto LinkedIn as part of a morning business ritual
  • Features company logo
  • Features a LinkedIn Employee

Adding a Company Header on Twitter

When logged into Twitter, click on the settings icon in navigation bar at the top of the screen, beside the ‘Compose a new Tweet’ icon. Select ‘settings’:

Twitter Settings

Select ‘Design’ from the settings menu:

Select Design in the Twitter Menu

Underneath ‘customize your own’ heading is the option to select your header. Maximum file size is 5mb and Twitter recommends an image 1200 x 600 pixels, although the actual image that will be displayed will be 520×260 pixels. This should be the minimum measurements as anything smaller will be resized and pixelated. Whatever the case, ensure that the width is exactly double the length of the height to avoid distortion.

Change header under customize your own heading

Company Header Tips for Twitter

Uploading an image to accompany your bio and avatar allows more freedom to display more information about your brand or to posture your own personal branding. The only requirement is that users do not take this as an opportunity to display Twitter’s ‘Official Account’ symbol (see Example 1. @Twitter below as an example), which was a design hack quickly adopted by many users.

To get the most out of your heading, here are some helpful tips:

  • Experiment with the space surrounding your avatar to add additional context
  • Design your header so that it merges with your avatar to create an entirely new image
  • Promote any of your other official accounts or hashtags
  • Showcase your products
  • For businesses, great area to add the human side to your business
  • For personal use, showcase your portfolio and/or interests

14 Twitter Header Examples to Inspire You


1. @twitter

Twitter Header Image

Why it works: Keeps branding simple, but strong with colour choice.

2. @franiepalaschuk

Franie Palaschuk Twitter

Why it works: Clever use of header to include avatar size images showcases the different identities and roles one plays online

3. @delta

Delta Airlines Twitter Header

Why it works: Simple image displays who they are and what they do.

4. @anthonyquintano

Anthony Quintano Twitter Header

Why it works: Avatar works on its own, as well as a part of the header.

5. @ryanseacrest

Ryan Seacrest Twitter Header

Why it works: Another example of the avatar working on it’s own and as a part of the header. Great example of personal branding as an entertainer.

6. @ebay

eBay Twitter Header

Why it works: Header image takes into account the space adopted by the avatar and biography area.

7. @hubspot

Hubspot Twitter Header

Why it works: Look familiar? That’s right, HubSpot have kep their branding consistent by using the same image used in their LinkedIn header image.

8. @tacobellTaco Bell Twitter Header

Why it works: Header background features avatar sized images that fade out into the sides, ensuring that the brand logo in the avatar pops out.

9. @virginamerica

Virgin America Twitter Header

Why it works: The avatar ties in with the header with the use of colour, despite being a different scene altogether.  Header image also features a company #hashtag in the top right corner.

10.  @doubleshotDouble Shot Twitter Header

Why it works: Header takes into account space taken by avatar and bio. Showcases the products provided by @doubleshot

11. @socialmouths

Socialmouths Twitter Header

Why it works: Promotes both business as well as personal interests in one image.

12.  @marismith

Mari Smith Twitter Image

Why it works: Great use of the header to showcase portfolio and expertise.

13. @smx

Search Marketing Expo Twitter Header

Why it works: Great use of symmetry in an image, and showcases SMX as an event company.

14. @jwherrmanJohn Herrman Twitter Header

Why it works: Even though the header and avatar image are two completely different images, they have been combined to form a clever and hilarious image.


If you have a header image on LinkedIn or Twitter that you want to share with us, drop the URL in the comments below!

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