20 Ways to Get Facebook Fans for Free

20 Ways to Get Facebook Fans for Free

Facebook Advertising is a great platform to introduce new Fans to your business fan page, but don’t you wish you could get fans without having to pay for them? Here are some quick tips for you to try on your page to help you grow your fans organically online.

1. Include Tag and Share Prompts

One of the ways to increase the reach and virality of your posts is to make it fun for your readers to tag and share your status updates and image uploads. For example, the Brazilian Soda company Guarana Antartica achieved over 19,000 new likes daily last August. Among their most viral posts was an uploaded image of mates sharing a drink ofGuarana with the caption “”Tag your brothers!”. By encouraging your current fans to tag their friends in your Facebook posts, your image can be continued to be shared across your fans friends networks, your fans friends friends network and so on.


2. Share What Already Works

I’m sure we’ve all come across a post which we’ve found so intriguing or clever that we just had to share it to your page so that all our friends could see. To connect on a deeper level with your Facebook fans, make sure that you share engaging content with them too! The best way to do this is to share what already works, if you come across Facebook post that is already viral that your fans can relate to, select  “Use Facebook as (Your Fan page)” in the top right hand corner of your Facebook Account and click “Share” to share it to your fan page.

In addition to this, make sure to mention the Facebook fan page which has uploaded the original post by using the “@ function” to tag their page. Supporting fan pages using the “@ function” and sharing a post directly from their page can benefit your fan page in three ways:

  • The existing brand credibility of the Facebook fan page which you have tagged can attribute to how Facebook users perceive your brand. Think of it like building brand credibility through association.
  • Internet users are lazy and often looking for a “one stop shop”. If your page is known for sharing the best Facebook posts from a number of pages, you could be recognised as the “one stop shop” for sharing the most engaging Facebook posts.
  • If the tagged Facebook fan page recognises that you have supported their page, they may decide to return the favour by sharing one of your posts and exposing you to their fan base!

3. Post During Peak Hours


The best practice schedule for Facebook posts are the following peak hours:

  • Early morning (7am – 9am): You may find that the majority of these Facebook users are using their mobile devices to browse the internet on their way to work.
  • Afternoon (5pm – 7pm): Generally includes Facebook users that have just finished work.
  • Late Night (11pm – 1am): Late night users are usually active on Facebook before nodding off to bed.

Do note that this may vary depending upon your industry and demographic. By correlating your Facebook Insights data with the time of day your posts have been scheduled you may find patterns to help you determine the ideal time to post.

4. Have Theme Days

Most Facebook users will ‘Like’ a fan page but will only visit the page when it appears in their newsfeed. A trick to encourage your Facebook users to come back to your page is to create “Theme Days”. For example “Fun Fact Friday” or “Silly Post Saturday”. Once your fans become familiarised with your Theme Days, during their Facebook browsing time they may decide to visit your page because they know that today is “Fun Fact Friday”.

5. Make Your Posts Mobile Friendly


Facebook Insights should show to you where a high majority of your fans are coming from. If you find that your ‘Likes’ are mainly generated from Mobile Devices, make sure that you are catering posts to these mobile devices. This means that you may want to focus on creating “lightweight” posts such as easy yes/no questions, simple polls, short captions and eye-grabbing images.

6. Ask Your Friends and Family

Suggest your fan page to your friends,  family and colleagues or send them a personal message asking them if they could support your page and encourage others to do the same. To make it easier for them to suggest your page, add a “Suggest to Friends” tab on your fan page by searching for “Suggest to Friends” Apps. This will allow your fans and Facebook users that do not have Admin access to your page to invite a group of people to like your page at once.

7. Join the Conversation


Demonstrate excellent customer service and communication skills by joining in on the conversation with your fans. Interact with your fans and use the “@ function” to reply if you can. This will show up as a notification on their Facebook account and can appear on their newsfeed again which will increase the visibility of your post.

8. Friendly Competition

Without having to spend money to host giveaway and contests on your fan page, think of some friendly competitions that will be a win-win situation both for your page and for the user. For example, host a “Cover Photo of the Month” competition to encourage some creative minds to design a Facebook cover photo for your fan page which will be featured for an entire month. All they would need to do is post the image to your fan page, and their activity with your page will be shared with their network.

Once the winner is chosen, make sure to announce it on your page and tag them in your post!

9. Tag Your Photos

If you’ve recently hosted an event or function, photograph the event and let the attendees know that the photographs will be available on your Facebook fan page. Once the photographs are uploaded, encourage attendees to tag themselves in your pictures so that it appears in their notifications and their news feed.

10. Get Blog Featured

Connect with influential online bloggers that relate to your Facebook fans, these bloggers should have a large fan following which may be interested in your page. There are a few ways your page could be featured on a blog:

  • In advertising space usually in the sidebar, header or footer of the blog
  • In text links within blog content which you either provided or the blogger has written themselves
  • In social media posts from the blogger’s social media accounts

If your business is a product or service, you may want to invite your blogger to try your offering so that they can write a genuine blog review for you online.

11. Compilation Blog Posts

Your business should have a website with a blog section so that you can continually share updated and useful content. To drive traffic to your blog page as well as your Facebook page, try the compilation blog post technique. Ask your fans to share certain content to your fan page so that you can feature the best responses in a compilation blog post on your website. For example, “Share the funniest picture you’ve seen online” and once you receive a number of submissions, choose the best images to feature in a blog post and share it to your fan page. Make sure to tag all fans that have been featured in your blog post to notify them and their friends.

12. Promote What You Stand For


One of Dove’s most successful posts last year showed their fans what they stood for: “When girls age 15 to 17 feel bad about their looks, more than 70% avoid normal daily activities such as attending school, going to the doctor, or even giving their opinion. “Like” this post to join Dove – we want to help change that statistic!”. Don’t forget to remind your fans what your bigger vision is and encourage others to get on board.

13. Address the Big Issues

Think about what current issues or questions that your target audience are facing and discuss or address it on your page. For example, women’s fitness pages usually capture the attention of their audience by addressing key issues such as “How to Get Rid of Love Handles”, “How to Avoid Cellulite” or “How to Lose Kilos Fast!”.

14. Create Original Share-able Images

Design your own share-able images such as an image text of a quote, fun fact or announcement. Be sure to watermark all your uploads so that new users can trace the image back to you.

15. Physical Like Page


Create and print a poster with a Call-to-Action to like your fan page which you can display in physical locations such as your current office, store and popular locations.

16. Affiliate Fan Pages

Many fan page owners will approach a potential affiliate fan page by asking the Administrator to Share and ‘Like’ their page. If you are planning to approach a potential affiliate, instead of asking for a “Like for a Like”, add more value to the fan page owner and to their fans. Don’t be afraid to share useful content on their wall immediately, if your content starts to attract a lot of page engagement for their fan page, there is more value credibility behind your affiliaterequest.

17. Use Fan Only/Protected Content Apps

Fans-only content is a tab on Facebook that is only visible to users that have already Liked your page, this could be anything from discount codes to exclusive news. Below is an example of Levi’s fans-only promise of “Instant access to exclusive content.”


To find out how you can get a Fans-only tab, click here.

18. If You Like It Put a Pin on it

Pin your most viral and important posts to the top of your page and rotate this image at least once a week. This is highly beneficial to Facebook users that have landed on your fan page for the first time and only have a quick glance at your content to decide whether they should Like your page. If it takes more than a scroll to find a good post, you’re losing out on a lot of potential fans!

19. Share Your Human Side

Sharing the human side of your business by sharing images of your team or whats happening around the office will put some faces behind the name. Not only does this give your fan page more personality but it plays a huge role in building brand trust, particularly for start-up business.

20. Link Your Page to Your Profile

Include your Facebook fan page link in your profile, you can include the fan page in your current occupation or mention it in your Profile Description so that it is visible to any friends that visit your profile.

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