2012? So 10 Days Ago! SEO Predictions for 2013

2012? So 10 Days Ago! SEO Predictions for 2013

As you’d expect, there’s a lot being predicted in the blogosphere right now about SEO in 2012. The trouble is, search engine optimisation moves so fast that looking at the current year is no longer interesting – so I’m going to be sneaky and try to predict what will happen in 2013! No harm in getting in early, is there?

My SEO Forecast for 2013

  • Social metrics will continue to factor massively in Google’s search algorithm. The number of times a website has been liked, shared, +1’d, etc will become even more important – though not a magic bullet. The bricks and mortar of traditional SEO – relevant content and authoritative links – will still play a big part in SERPs visibility.
  • With the ready availability of heat mapping and A/B testing tools and services, Google will be even less forgiving of websites that make visitors jump through needless hoops. Ensuring that users have a pleasant experience will always be at the top of Google’s list.
  • Keyword traffic to web pages ranked below 3rd position in Google will decrease as users become less dependent on search engines to find information. On the flipside, non-search engine traffic sources will increase for many websites.

Just to be clear – this is NOT another post predicting the “death of SEO” – we’ve seen enough of those this year and every year for the past five years before that. But as an online marketer who is more dependent on search engine traffic than I’d care to admit, I think it’s time I started looking at other avenues well before 2013 rolls around. Are you planning on doing the same?

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