3D Avatar at Home

3D Avatar at Home

So you have seen Avatar, and to a lesser extent Clash of the Titans, and you are keen to grab those glasses and a box of popcorn in the comfort of your own home.  Although watching Austin Powers and The Sound of Music is great, you might want to invest in a brand spanking new 3D TV. 

But before you take the leap of faith there is a myriad of considerations, from what brand to how good will I look in those sexy glasses.

1.       Brands: This is the easy part, at the current time, only one brand is available – Samsung.  The product ranges from $2899 for the 40-inch to $4799 for the 55-inch.  If you are buying a brand new TV, for entertainment, all the recommendations say the bigger the better!

2.       Extras: As most of you know, 3D TV isn’t broadcast in Oz yet. So the only option is to buy a 3D Blu-ray player, this should set you back around $600.  The other option is to wait for a PS3 software update that Sony promises will support 3D.  3D glasses are the next buy, these will set you back another $129 each, and will not be compatible with other brands of TV’s. You will also need HDMI cables that are v1.3 or later.

3.       Movies and TV shows: Unfortunately there is not 1 Blu-ray that is on sale that supports 3D, and the good ol’ TV stations are, as usual behind their US and UK counterparts, and most probably won’t be supporting the South African World Cup… Fail.

4.       Games: I know this is the first point that I was drawn to when I heard the idea of a 3D TV. Imagine running around in MW2 while fraging terrorists in 3D… Very cool.  My first thoughts are this will be available on the PS3, due to the fact that they are supporting 3D Blu-ray, the only game that has been designed from the ground up for this new feature is Avatar.  The movie was cool, but I don’t really want to be running around as a giant blue Sam Worthington…

All in all, this is a very innovative technology, and I’m sure we all look forward to having our very on 3D cinema in house.

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