4 Tips on Improving Your Online Form's Conversion Rate

4 Tips on Improving Your Online Form's Conversion Rate

‘Conversion, conversion, conversion’ is to online marketing what ‘location, location, location’ is to property investment. It is an element of a campaign that can never be ignored and always be improved upon. To have an effective conversion rate optimisation strategy, logically, you need to start with the basics that are tried and tested. Focus initially on getting your foundation right with what is known to work, then go from there.

Here are some tips on improving the conversion friendliness of your online form.

1. Calls to Action – consistency is the key
Keep your forms tidy and they will get plenty of love. Ensure that the design is neat and the buttons consistently formatted. Ensure that any links are uniform and to the point.

2. Data Fields – keep it simple
As with most common conversion tips and strategies, make it as easy as possible for your users to enquire, request and buy. The more steps you implement the harder you make it for them to fulfil their need. Don’t request too much information from your users, or you risk them bailing on the whole thing. We’ve all been there as a user, so don’t you be that guy as well.

3. Confirmation Fields – stick with the essentials
Confirmation fields are there to verify that the users have entered their details correctly. We want valid information but we also don’t want to make it too hard for our users to give us their information. Confirm only information that is critical such as emails or phone numbers or whatever you deem essential to bringing them along to the next step in your conversion process.

4. Form Validations – valid?
Similar to confirmation fields, you must ask yourself if you really need them and if they are going to get in the way of your users who just want to complete the form and get on with their lives. Unless you have a really valid reason for validating your clients, then don’t go overboard. Keep it to the bare minimum with ‘@’ symbols in emails and area codes in phone numbers etc.

You are now 4 steps closer to making your website a friendlier and happier place for users to come and engage with you and your services/products. Happy conversion hunting!

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